Amy B. Smoyer, PhD

Incarcerated Lives, Health & Social Work

New Haven, CT: The Elm City

Just a point of clarification...I am still a proud resident of the Elm City: New Haven, CT.  I won't be flying out to Spain until 9/6/11.  I think my last posting was confusing, sorry about that...

While still State-side, I consider my "Spanish Year" officially started because this month is all about doing what I need to do to get ready for Spain.  Main goal = Complete my data collection.  So far I have interviewed 20 women and I hope to interview 10 more before I leave.  The primary barrier to achieving this goal is my own time management.  It has not been difficult to connect with formerly incarcerated women who are willing to participate, it's just a matter of making those connections and setting aside time for the interviews.  I have 2 scheduled for next week.  Watch the calendar for updates!

Other goals include organizing and packing the house, transcribing, finishing up projects related to work & spending time with friends.  And then there are all the other things that present themselves along the way.  Yesterday, I attended a workshop training with Frederick Wertz at Fordham University's School of Social Service about Phenomenological Research Methods.  Very wonderful.  Afterwards, I had lunch with a Fordham professor who conducts research about older prisoners and trauma.  Her work is inspiring and creative and she is a generous mentor.  Very wonderful.  I fell asleep on Metro-North coming home and when I got to the house, I watched 3 episodes of "Modern Family" on Hulu.  Very wonderful, but not exactly related to this month's agenda.  No more Hulu.  Interview.  Think.  Transcribe.  Think.  Pack.