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Electrodomésticos Redux

This is a clothes dryer

If you live in a country without clothes dryers and you wash your son's uniform shirt at 9:00 pm and hang it outside to dry and it rains all night and the shirt is soaking at 7:30 am, an hour and a half before he needs to be at the bus stop, don't worry!  Turn the iron on hot, turn off the steam function, and iron the shirt for 45 minutes.  It won't be dry, but it won't be wet either.  Glass half full.

This is cooking gear.

If you are incarcerated in the York Correctional Facility in Niantic, CT, at Christmas time and you don't have any holiday ornaments or access to a kitchen to make holiday treats, don't worry!   You can use your hair dryer to make ornamental snacks:

Participant #8:
You should see some of the stuff they make, it’s...we had a, not this Christmas, I wasn’t there, but the Christmas before I was there.  Oh my God!  This Italian girl, she did the same thing like her...Take bread from the chow hall, bring it home, and then you cut it up, like into little pieces, and then, put it in a bag and then with the blow dryer, you blow it and it makes it like, cinnamon, you know, and then you add cinnamon to it.  And with a little butter and it makes, like garlic balls, but they are cinnamon balls.  We made cinnamon balls and then they strung ‘em, with a needle and thread, there was no needle, but with thread and made, little things like for a Christmas tree, they had, like around the tree, but they were made of food, though, you know what I mean?

Glass half full?