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Why I am Voting for Chris Murphy

Vote for this guy.
When you live in a little NE liberal state, it is rare that you get the chance to vote in a close election of national importance. Usually, CT is blue on the CNN map, and that's the end of it.  However, this year, our state has one of only SIX "toss up" US Senate races that will determine who rules the big house come January 2013. So, I figured a political endorsement was in order, given the broad reach of my blogger community...

So why vote for Chris?  There are a lot of attractive tidbits - fancy Williams education,  deep roots in CT, cool wife who is a legal aid lawyer.  Nice pictures on his website, sleeves rolled up and ready to work.  His son is named Owen and my awesome nephew is named Owen, that's gotta be worth something, right?  Then there are some not-so-attractive tidbits, like the fact that his financial situation is a mess (fueled for sure by that fancy Williams education) and he didn't pay his mortgage for awhile and almost got foreclosed on.

In the end, the tidbits kind of cancel each other out and we have no choice but to turn to the actual issues.  Imagine that.  Here we go:

  • Supports health care reform
  • Defends women's right to choose about their health care
  • Chris says, "LGBT rights are human rights"
  • One of his big issues throughout his political career has been to protect the environment.
  • Voted against "Three Strikes" legislation that remove judicial discretion.
I am sure there are other issues to consider, but this is enough for me.  His opponent, Linda McMahon, opposes Obamacare.  She claims to support abortion rights and equal protections for LGBT, but doesn't seem to be completely convinced.  Most importantly, she is a big business woman who is dedicated to working towards a world where big business gets to do whatever they need to do in order to make a lot of money and keep it.  No taxes, no "job killing" regulations.  

Below is the graphic from her website that sums up "Linda's Plan."  Not sure what you think, but her world looks a bit scary to me.  An overweight white heterosexual couple walking down a highway with no traffic signs, no trees or nature in sight, only a big industrial plant on the horizon, its exhaust pipes reaching up towards the sky. Dark shadows looming.  Do you want CT to look like this? Yikes!

Further, I think her whole "common sense" approach is misguided.  Since when are the solutions about how to best run our nation common sense?  My 10 year old son has common sense, and he's good looking too, but I'm not voting him into the Senate.  (At least not yet.) "I am not a politician so you should hire me to be one."  For what other job would you select someone based on lack of experience?  Chris has been a state legislator and Congressman since 1998.  I think that will come in handy.

All right then.  Now that I have convinced you.  Vote.  Make sure your neighbors do too.  Get a lawn sign.  Give $20.  Let's keep CT blue.