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The Beach Gets Interesting

The Revolution Will Be Live!
Yesterday morning I went to the supermarket to buy the daily essentials:

  • Water:  Not sure why we aren't drinking tap water here, basically just following the cue of those around us.  Sheep.
  • Empenada Gallega:  Delicious thin pie of yummie-ness.  My major staple food in Galicia. Couldn't decide on a single filling, so I got three types:  Cod with Raisins, Tuna, Clams.  Triple yum.
  • Maxi-bon: Sounds like a feminine hygiene product but actually the most delicious ice cream sandwich, according to Javier and me, the Spanish Ice Cream Experts.
Not a sanitary napkin.
When I got back to the apartment, instead of the sweet sounds of children laughing on the beach and waves hitting the shore, all I could hear was loud whistles and drums.  Went out onto the terrace, and what to my wondering eyes should appear?!  Protesters marching in the street against banking shenanigans and other Spanish economic corruptions.  Primarily older people drawing attention to the actions of a local bank which stripped their savings.  Interesting approach. Instead of marching in a major city, these protestors brought their message to the bankers' vacation spot.  So the posh beach and the oppressions of the world meet head on - an almost perfect response to my previous blog post. Perhaps rather than a hunger strike at Pelican Bay, prisoner advocates should march on Southampton or occupy the Vineyard?

Standing on my terrace, taking pictures with my iPhone, I was so excited to bear witness to this event. The revolution will not be televised, the revolution will be live!  There I was, in the thick of all the contradictions of our postmodern lives.

But what did the protestors think and see as they walked by my apartment building?  The middle-aged lady with the blond highlights taking pictures with a silly "smart" phone from the terrace of an apartment that cost the equivalent of two months of their pension pay for a fortnight.  Maxibons and bottled water chilling in the refrigerator/freezer.  And so the contradictions never end...