Amy B. Smoyer, PhD

Prison Food, Incarcerated Lives, Health & Social Work


Mixed Greens

Tell me about the first meal you ate after intake at the prison.

Incarceration, in prisons that are based on a gender-binary framework, can be a particularly challenging experience for transgender women. In this inquiry, 15 transgender women who were incarcerated in "male" correctional facilities in CT will be interviewed. Using theories about food and culture, participants will be asked to describe their daily incarcerated lives with a focus on what, where, when, and with whom they ate. Preliminary findings demonstrate this population's strengths and creativity as they actively negotiate the prison place.

Smoyer, A.B. (2016-2017). Mixed Greens: Transgender Women’s Experiences with Food during Incarceration. 2016/17 Faculty Creative Activity Research Grant, Southern CT State University.